Great Falls National Park

Great Falls After Heavy RainsGranite and WaterGreat Falls Black and WhiteLisa and RhondaJohn and Rhonda

We recently had the pleasure of a visit from my sister Lisa.   While she was here in Manassas, we decided to take a quick trip to Great Falls National Park.   The Potomac River had crested the weekend before, and was still running pretty high, so I figured it might make for good photo.  We only had a few hours in the middle of the day to visit, so the lighting (it was a sunny day with no clouds) was not the greatest and there was not a lot of time to scout out the area for photos.  The River was amazing however, and made for a great subject, making the work easy for me.  Outlook #1, which is only a short walk from the Visitor Center, provided the best vantage point and is the place where I took these shots.  I took a series of bracketed exposures with the camera on the tripod, and later used Photomatrix to bring out extra detailto compensate for the poor light during the mid day sun.  I think it worked well.  I also stacked a polarizer and a neurtal density filter to reduce the light to the sensor, enabling me to use a slower shutter speed on several of the shots.  This made for a pleasing effect of blurred movement of water through the falls, which was raging swiftly by.   The early afternoon sun was harsh, and there was no foilage color since it was still early spring,  so I thought these pictures looked best in black and white to me.   However, there was a warm pinkness to some of the rock formations in the falls, and that made for a nice color photo as well.

It was a nice time with my sister Lisa and my wife Rhonda, out in the fresh air and enjoying nature.