A Visit to the Cherries


We (Rhonda, our dog Angel, and I)  took a quick trip down to visit the Cherry Festival in DC this spring.   It was a cool spring day during first week of April, and it changed from partly cloudy to overcast and back again most of the day.   Taking photos was a challenge, as the place was completely mobbed with throngs of visitors from all over the world.  The cherries were amazing, as they were at their projected peak, which only lasts a few days, during our visit.   While there are a number of different cherry tree varieties planted in the area, the vast majority that line the tidal basin walk are Yoshino Cherries, which have a very light pink to white color bloom.  Many of the trees are quite old and have fantastic narled trunks.  I think the side of the tidal basin immediately to the southeast of the Jefferson Monument provides the best opportunity for an early evening photo, allowing you to capture the cherries with the Washington and Jefferson Monument, light up and reflected in the waters of the basin in the background.  While dealing with the crowds was challenging, it was an enjoyable day, and well worth the trip.  We try to make at least one trip to the Festival every year we are in DC.  We returned about five days later, and to our dismay most of the blooms had already fallen off the trees.  This splendor truly is an ephemeral celebration of nature.