Walking Along the Cliffs of Moher

Our visit to the famous cliffs of Moher was fairly brief but nonetheless spectacular.  We visited the main visitor area and then started trekking north along the cliffs.  There is a great nature trail just beyond the fenceline (Were we supposed to go there?  Not really sure but it was totally worth it…) that follows closely along the cliffs, and provides stunning if not dizzying vistas over the ocean.  Sometimes you just don’t want to look down too much.  The cliffs rise between 400 and 700 feet above the ocean and face west in general direction.   We were there in the late afternoon, and so were battling the late afternoon sun while trying to take pictures.  To avoid the overwhelming glare, you were limtied to shooting along the faces of the cliffs to the north or south.  Still the colors when using a polarizer were still incredible, with the long windblown grass glowing an amazing green beside the cobalt ocean and a luminous blue sky.  See more photos in the Cliffs of Moher gallery.