The “Church of the Cliffs” and Graveyard in Doolin

The ruin of 15th century Killilagh Church, or Cill Ailleach, which means “church of the cliffs”, sits atop a hill overlooking the sea, the Doolin countryside and the majestic Cliffs of Moher. Built in 1470, it served the people of the area until their present church was built in 1840.  The story is told that in 1645 Cromwellian forces burned the roof off the church during mass. After Killilagh ceased to be used as a place of worship, it began to be used as a burial ground.  The earliest grave dates from 1860, the latest 1985.   This site is amazingly beautiful, serene, and photogenic.  With the whole place to myself and only the sea breeze to break the silence, it will be a treasured memory of Ireland.  It was only a mile from the bed and breakfast where we stayed, yet it was a hidden treasure that I only found by luck.  Our stay in Doolin was one of our favorite times, both for its renown irish music scene, and its unassuming quiet places.



The colors here were so vivid, with tall green grass, sea fog and blue skies all meeting at the churchyard.   That said, I still thought the site was most appealing as a subject for black and whites.   Most of my photos at this site were taken in black and white, and I have posted my favorites in a separate Killilagh Church gallery and encourage you to check them out!