A Day in Canyon X

I went out with Charly Moore, owner and guide of Overland Canyon Tours, for an exciting day of photography in Canyon X, that was nothing but sheer photobug joy!  Canyon X is part of the Antelope Canyon area, but is far from the overwhelming crowds that visit the Upper Antelope Canyon that is so famous now for photography.  On this particular day, I was the only person signed up for this particular tour, and I was eternally grateful that Charly still elected to take me out solo.  So off we went in his built up Jeep Wrangler, for a one on one session in Canyon X, where we had the whole place to ourselves for the day.  Luck was with me, as it turns out June is a good month to visit Canyon X, as you get to shoot both light beams (which only happen in this particular Canyon in June), as well as the abstract shapes of the canyon walls in the changing reflected light as the morning turned to afternoon.

Charly appears to be nothing short of a master photographer, and thankfully he was very willing to share and instruct me on the best practices for shooting in these challenging conditions.  Using his local knowledge and technical guidance, I took home some good captures that day that I knew would be fun to work on when I got back home.  I must say, it was a fun, but somewhat mindblowing experience being the first time to really shoot in a place like this where you actually have time to think about what you are doing.  Charly was always challenging me to alter my perspective and orientation, and see things that your eye may not see but the camera sees (such as low light areas that will show up more readily in the bracketed exposures).   And the Canyon is a amazingly beautiful to view, even if you did not have a camera in hand.   I am still working on the shots from this session, but here are a few of my favorites so far…and Charly, a big thank you goes out to you!!!



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