Manassas Battlefield in Infrared Super Blue!

Several months ago I sent in a Canon Rebel T1i to Life Pixel to do a permanent infrared conversion.  The conversion process removes the existing hot mirror filter over the sensor, which blocks out most IR light, and replaces it with a filter that blocks most or all visibible light and allows IR light to pass through.  I had them install a super blue filter, which allows some light in the blue spectrum to pass through.  As a result, when rendered in a jpeg form, the camera depicts skies as blue and foilage as a yellowish gold.  From there, you can adjust these colors with saturation layers in photoshop.  If you desaturate for a certain color (ie yellows or blues individually) you can turn part of all of the image to a standard black and white IR image which is the most common thing you ususally see.  I also had Life Pixel adjust the focus to their universal option.  Essentially, this option works for all lens, but I have to use a tripod and the live view screen to do my focusing manually.  Since I mainly shoot landscapes with IR, this set up works well for me.


Last weekend, we had a fantastic break from the cold of winter.  So on this warm day in February, I took a walk in the Manassas Battlefield National Park with my IR camera.  While there were not many clouds in the sky, which would have really added another great dimension to the shooting conditions, the afternoon sun was creating a nice warm shadowed effect.  This shot is of the country lane that approached the old Robison Farm, which was owned by a freed slave at the time of the first battle of Manassas in the Civil War.

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