White Oak Canyon


The Shenandoah National Park has many beautiful trails for hiking.  Having spent many years in Northern Virginia, one of our many rituals has been to hike the White Oak Canyon trail in the fall.  The trail follows a creek from the foothills to the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and treats the hiker to a series of large waterfalls, and to a nearly non-stop series of smaller falls as the water descends over the boulder strewn river bed.   This trail also allows pets to accompany their owners, and so is perfect for a family hike for us.  Photography in this canyon can be challenging, as it often shrouded in shade in the afternoon hours.   I have yet to hike up the trail in the early morning hours to sample those light conditions, but I suspect it may be more accomodating.  Many of the photos on this page are near Lower White Oak Canyon Falls, which is the first large falls hikers encounter if they start the trail from the foothills.  The constant sound of running water as you hike makes this one of my favorite hikes!


IMG_9094_5_6_tonemapped.jpgIMG_6239 copy.jpgIMG_6282 copy.jpgIMG_9056_tonemapped.jpgIMG_9059.jpgIMG_9076_tonemapped.jpgIMG_6195 copy.jpgIMG_9080.jpgTop of White Oak Lower Falls Pano 2.jpgWO Canyon Nov 06.jpg