Dublin has quite the  ecclectic soul, but  the character elements that caught my eye were the inviting streetfronts, corner pubs, and the legacy of the irish famines, memorialized by some amazingly haunting sculptures down along the river the splits through the city.   The cityscape is dotted with quaint sidestreets and corner bars, and you cannot help but pass the time swilling a guinness or two in this town.  Trinity College sits stately and reverent amidst the bustling urban beat of the City Centre.   As the descendant of irish immigrants (my great grandfather emmigrated from rural Ireland in the late 1800’s), the legacy of the potato famines, which created much of the conditions that spawned the  emmigration to the Americas, holds special meaning to me.  While I did not chance upon these dramatic figures until nearly dark, I was still able to capture their angst and despair by using a flash and later tonemapping the results to draw out the detail of these stark figures.    Photographing these figures allowed me to connect to the city and to my past in a very special way. 


Dublin SidestreetTrinity CollegeThe Temple BarFamine Memorial 3Famine MemorialFamine Memorial 2Famine Memorial 4Famine Memorial 5