We were able to obtain some of our family history from our relatives (thanks Terry!)  which indicated that our great grandfather emmigrated from Ireland to America sometime during the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.  He  was born in a small rural village called Rearcross (Irish: Crois na Rae) and married a woman from nearby Doon,  both being farming communities in North Tipperary, Ireland.   We decided we wanted to visit Rearcross, and after a challenging drive through the backroads of Tipperary, we found the place!   It was a tiny community, with one bar, one church, one hotel lodging, etc.   We stopped into the bar (Kennedy’s and talked with the owner, a very nice gentlemen), shared a pint of Guinness with some locals, and found out we still had a few relatives living in the area.   We walked about for a short while, met a few local horses, took a few photos and then headed on, as we had a good drive ahead of us to make our hotel that evening.  It was great to see the part of Ireland where our family came from!


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